Hydraulic Cylinders: Repair or replace?

Hydraulic cylinders are vital to any piece of Cat® machinery, but when they fail, it can have a big impact on your operations. As one of WesTrac’s leading services, our team specialises in hydraulic cylinder repair and service to keep your business up and running. Importantly, by catching any defects in hydraulic cylinders before they fail, we help you save time and money.

As the leading supplier of Cat machinery, it is our priority to make sure your equipment operates smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

Hydraulic cylinders are one of the key parts on a machine that keeps it the dirt being productive, so when these parts fail, it will cost you time and money.

At WesTrac, our team are experts when it comes to repairing hydraulic cylinders. It is our priority to reduce your machine downtime and save you the cost of buying a new part.

The only decision you need to make is if you want to use our hydraulic cylinder repair workshops, conveniently located at a WesTrac branch near you, or if you want us to deliver replacement parts to you onsite and on time.

Need help with hydraulics?

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Deciding your hydraulic cylinder needs

When hydraulic cylinders fail, contamination can cause a cylinder to leak which can lead to early hour pump and motor failure.

There are two solutions for hydraulic cylinder repair to get your machines back up and running, with the difference coming down to wait time and cost.

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The best option is to organise a hydraulic cylinder repair before it fails, reducing your downtime and minimising expenses. Depending on the severity of the failure and the amount of repair work required, your repairs will be conducted onsite or at one of WesTrac’s first-class, dedicated hydraulic cylinder repair workshops.


If your hydraulic cylinder has already failed, the best option is to organise a rebuild or contact a local branch to arrange a replacement cylinder. By working with WesTrac, you will have access to Genuine Cat parts with 12 months parts and service warranty and and unlike other suppliers, WesTrac have multiple replacement options, whether it be new/reman or an exchange cylinder.

swap it out

WesTrac's Cylinder Exchange Program

Waiting for repairs to be carried out or replacement parts to be found can cost you time and money, but thanks to WesTrac’s unique Cylinder Exchange Program, businesses can be fully operational within hours rather than days. The program allows customers that need replacement hydraulic cylinders to swap out their worn cylinders with a fully refurbished cylinder. All you have to do is get in touch with WesTrac and check if the part is available, then decide if you want to pick up the replacement hydraulic cylinder or have it delivered to your door or to site.

condition monitoring

The benefits of remote asset health and condition monitoring

Condition monitoring technology allows you to remotely determine the health of your machine. Scheduled Oil Sampling (SOS) enables WesTrac to analyse your machines fluid systems to provide you with an indication of the condition and cleanliness of your system. The condition of your oils can provide early warning signs of failure; early detection is the key to proactive actions that can assist in maintaining productivity and lowering the cost of repairs. We’ve seen thousands of customers benefit from condition monitoring. In this blog, we give three examples of success stories.
How to take a fluid sample
fitfleet agreements

Preventative maintenance for your hydraulic cylinders is key

Knowing how your hydraulic cylinders are performing is one of the keys to ensuring your fleet stays at the top if its game. To keep your cylinder's health in check, a great option is to take advantage of our FitFleet® Customer Value Agreements, which provide varying levels of support while you focus on getting the job done. With our FitFleet Ultimate plan, we take care of all maintenance and repairs, to ensure your machine gets the longest life possible.

FitFleet Service Agreements
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