Machine automation has been one of the biggest developments in technology over the last decade, and significant benefits can be realised with even the simplest of applications. Individual technologies can be used alone or combined in multiple ways to take advantage of immediate productivity, safety and sustainability benefits and serve as the building blocks leading to autonomous operations.

automate your site, reap the benefits

Productivity Benefits

  • Near-Continuous Machine Utilisation
  • Increased Consistency
  • Greater Efficiency

Safety Benefits

  • Improved detection capabilities (hazards, wildlife, etc.)
  • Ability to remove operators from harm 
  • Mitigate the danger of operator fatigue

Sustainability Benefits

  • Lower emissions and save on fuel costs
  • Less wastage (due to accuracy)
  • Better environmental performance (less damage)

These are just a few of the benefits you can achieve when you work with our team to incorporate automation into your operation.

All these benefits and more are made possible with a combination of Cat technology and the expertise of WesTrac's Technology Team.

Let's automate

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Take control of your mining operation

MineStar Command provides remote control, semi-autonomous and autonomous systems for both surface and underground mobile mining equipment.

Command is the world's leading mining automation technology. By implementing it on your site, you'll see improvements in sustainability, safety, productivity and availability.

No two operations are alike, so Command gives you the capability to adapt what’s working elsewhere to suit your site-specific needs. Whatever your needs, there is a MineStar Command automation solution that will help you achieve your goals.

These solutions include Command for:

Command for Hauling

The most popular mining automation technology is Cat MineStar Command for hauling - it takes advantage of the most sophisticated technologies available to deliver a next-generation haulage solution — one that boosts safety, productivity and availability on busy mine sites, especially those in difficult or remote locations.


WesTrac Technology Training Centre

Need training on autonomous equipment? The WesTrac Technology Training Centre (WTTC) in Collie is the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, delivering training courses to technicians of autonomous equipment, such as haul trucks.
media release

Newmont welcomes first autonomous haul trucks to Boddington

Newmont invested USD $150 million installing a fleet of Cat® 793F autonomous trucks with Command for hauling, and converted a number of existing units, as part of its Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) at the Boddington gold mine in Perth.
Newmont Mining Automation

Safety-first approach drives remote dozer solution for Rio Tinto

Removing dozer operators from high-risk environments was the sole driver behind Rio Tinto’s rollout of a remote dozing solution based on Cat® MineStar™ Command technology. And as the solution was deployed, any initial resistance to relocating from the cab to nearby remote operator stations was quickly overcome.
Rio Tinto TDS Dozer

Cat Trial 12: No Hands

You want a job site that’s as safe and productive as possible. At Caterpillar, that means a focus on autonomy. Front and center is what you’ve seen in mining, but with Cat Trial 12: No Hands you’ll get to see the agility and precision our autonomous mining trucks bring to the table, not unlike what you’d see from a world class soccer player. And you’ll get a sneak peek of where this technology is going next. Watch DaMarcus Beasley run through a Cat® themed obstacle course, with a 794AC autonomous mining truck doing it too!

Cat Trial 12: No Hands

The inspiration for No Hands came from Cat Trial 3: China Shop, where Caterpillar had a mini excavator navigate through tens of thousands of dollars worth of glassware. Caterpillar decided they wanted to show you that their big machines could do it too! 

Cat® autonomous equipment was originally introduced at MINExpo 1996, and the 794 AC was showcased at MINExpo in 2021. The first autonomous 794 AC electric drive mining trucks were deployed in South America.

In Chile, the first of 28 autonomous 794 AC trucks began arriving in May 2021 to be part of Teck Resources Limited’s low-cost, long-life Quebrada Blanca Phase 2 (QB2) copper project.

The 794 AC is the latest autonomous mining truck equipped with Cat® MineStar™ Command for hauling, an autonomous hauling solution. The 794 AC is the first electric drive model to join the expanding Command for autonomous haulage fleet, which includes the Cat 789D, 793D, 793F and 797F models.

Automation Solutions

When you think of services at WesTrac, the first things that come to mind are related to equipment servicing and financing. Did you know that automation – more specifically Cat® MineStar™ Automation Solutions - is also a service we provide our customers?

Autonomy is rapidly emerging in the mining industry as essential for improving productivity, safety, sustainability and lowering cost.

The 794 AC, equipped with Command for hauling, enables total autonomous operating of the mining trucks, interaction with other equipment, and integration with customer mining processes and systems, all managed by MineStar.

Automation in Other Industries

The Cat Trial 12: No Hands video above shows how autonomy is coming to other industries. It features an autonomous version of the Cat® 299D3 Compact Track Loader.

With its vertical lift design, this CTL delivers extended reach and lift height for quick and easy truck loading. Its standard, suspended undercarriage system provides superior traction, flotation, stability and speed to work in a wide range of applications and underfoot conditions.

Beasley Does it Best

The third star in the Cat Trial 12: No Hands video is former Major League Soccer player DaMarcus Beasley.

Beasley played for the Chicago Fire and Houston Dynamo in addition to teams in The Netherlands, England, Scotland, Germany, and Mexico. He is the only American man to play in four FIFA World Cups, making 126 appearances during his 16-year international career before retiring in 2019.

And he wasn’t just a fantastic player, Beasley is a great ambassador for the “beautiful game”.

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