Our brand voice is how we come across to all of our stakeholders. While everyone has their own opinion about WesTrac, the voice we try to project is an expression of our personality, values and the three attributes that define us:

  1. Genuine – We are friendly, honest and down-to-earth.
  2. Committed – We are hardworking, reliable and we strive for continuous improvement.
  3. Respectful – We are understanding of our customers’ unique needs and proud of the role we play in supporting their success.

This is how we want our customers and staff to feel about us, and it’s the words we want anyone to use if they had to describe us to a friend.

Forklift driver

Voice Tone & Style

The way we communicate with the world is important. The tone and style of our voice is one that is:

  • Realistic – Our voice should be realistic and relatable. If we’re showing a Cat machine, it’s fine for it be covered in dirt onsite, as that’s a real representation of the product.
  • Human – Our voice should evoke an emotional connection. If we’re showing a Cat machine, we should show the operator using the machine, not the machine by itself.
  • Personal – Our voice should focus on people and what impacts them, not products and achievements. Marketing materials should glorify the customer, not the machine. It’s about them, not us.
  • Simple – Our voice should be free from complex words and an overuse of technical jargon. Where possible, messaging should be short and ‘straight to the point’. Messages should be easily and quickly understood.
  • Strong – Our voice should come across as strong, just like Cat products.
  • Honest – Our voice should be down-to-earth and truthful, like a mate telling you how it is. Marketing materials should not be deceptive or unclear.
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