The WesTrac logo encompasses both the WesTrac company name and the Cat logo in the one lockup design. Every Cat dealer is required to use this lockup logo design.

The only time the 'WesTrac' component of the logo can be used in isolation without appearing inside the dealer lockup, is when it is used as a profile icon on social media. No external party is authorised to use this in isolation.

Logo Types & Usage

There are three WesTrac logos that can be used.

  1. Logo without keyline – Used on assets where a logo is required to be placed over a white or light grey background
  2. Logo with white keyline – Used on assets where a logo is required to be place over an image or coloured background
  3. Black and white – Used on assets that are not colourised. This is mostly suited to printed assets.

Logo Types

Logo Clearspace

The WesTrac logo must always be used with clear space around it, both vertically and horizontally. The logo needs to be given the same amount of clear space as the height of the capital “W” in the WesTrac type.


Logo Q&A

Can the logo be transparent, distressed or changed in any way to suit an asset?

No, our logo must be displayed in full without any alteration. Both the WesTrac company name and Cat logo must remain side by side in the dealer lockup. The Cat logo cannot be cut and moved to any other position.

Can the logo colours be changed to suit an asset?

No, our logo colours must not be changed. The only exception to this rule is using the black and white version.

Can the logo be shrunk to suit an asset?

Yes, provided both the words ‘WesTrac’ and ‘Cat’ are clearly legible, the ratio remains the same, and there is sufficient clear space around the logo. For web assets, the smallest dimensions allowed are 100x25 pixels.

Logo Package Request

Only authorised employees, vendors and suppliers will be given access to download the WesTrac logo package. To request access or download the package, use the form below.

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